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How to Eliminate Common Faults of Storage gravimetric Feeder

(I) analysis and troubleshooting of the bottom belt immobility after the motor of the storage gravimetric feeder is started The main reasons for the inactivation of the bottom belt of the storage feeder motor after starting may be the damage of the motor reducer, the breakage of the transmission chain, the breakage of the transmission shaft head, or the wear and tear of the active and passive sprocket keys. These problems can be checked one by one and replaced or eliminated. (2) Analysis and tro

Application scope of twin screw weightlessness feeder

Twin screw weightlessness feeder Suitable for feeding range of 10-6000L/H, all kinds of granular and fibrous twin screw weightlessness feeder, feeding accuracy can reach (+0.5%). Twin screw weightlessness feeder Product characteristics 1: Wide range of flow regulation, reliable operation, compact, small size, easy maintenance 2: 304 stainless steel is used for material contact surface. According to customersrequirements, 316 stainless steel can be used only.

Maintenance of automatic gravimetric feeder

1. When the automatic gravimetric feeder is in operation, it is better not to put anything on it. In that case, it will easily lead to excessive pressure on the motor and burn it out. 2. Check whether the belt is in good condition and loose. Feeder conveys material by belt. Only when the belt is normal, can the production performance of the machine be fully brought into play and the workload be maximized. 3. Because the various parts of the automatic gravimetric feeder are connected by gears and

Six-point Storage and Storage Method of Belt Feeder

Nowadays, there are many feeders on the market, such as vibration feeder and belt feeder, etc. Different feeders have different characteristics. For example, belt feeder, it is mainly a kind of Mounter equipment, the work efficiency is very high, but it is vulnerable to damage, so we should pay great attention to its storage. 1. When the belt feeder is in storage, it is necessary to use the feeder placement table instead of stacking. In the state of stacking, the parts of the belt feeder may be

Sealing material weightlessness proportioning feeding system

The weightlessness program is designed for weightlessness feeding. Integrated with PLC, weighing module and A/D conversion Change module function. The loss of weighing signal in transmission is avoided and the calculation method is improved. Development tools: A 8051 microcontroller must be used with compiler and simulator. Scope of application: This electronic controller is designed for controlling weightlessness continuous feeding and batch feeding . It can switch software functions between co

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