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Gravimetric screw feeders
Gravimetric screw feeders mainly consist of connector, hopper, scale base, controller, drive, etc. Gravimetric screw feeder disassembly includes cabinet, integrated scale base, hopper, feed tube, auger, and chassis.

Gravimetric screw feeder

Gravimetric screw feeders structure:
Re II Valve
Flexible connector
Vent sock
Screw feeder W / Storage hopper
Integral load cell or scale base
Gravimetric rate controller
Re II signal
Analog speed control signal
Variable speed drive

Highly accurate loss-in-weight gravimetric screw feeders are flexible enough to feed a wide variety of dry materials, from fine powders to large pellets. These accurate gravimetric screw feeders are offered in three different sizes, and can move from 0.003 ft3/hr. to more than 900 ft3/hr. Gravimetric screw feeders utilize the powerful GRC32 control, which provides these gravimetric screw feeders the capability to be highly accurate and dependable.

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