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Products used for pelletizing include dry cut, Wet cut, drop pelletizing, pharma, and other applications, such as, dry-cut strand pelletizer, underwater pelletizer, drop pelletizing system, micro pellets, etc.

Pelletizing equipments:
Dry cut:
Dry-cut strand pelletizer for compounding and recycling
Belt conveyor pelletizing system
Hot air knife
Cooling Trough
Plus inline recycling
Process water treatment
Strand drying
Die head compounding
Pelletizing of compounds and masterbatch
Automatic Dry Cut strand pelletizing system
Strand Pelletizer
Plus Strand Pelletizer
Dry-cut strand pelletizing system
Dry-cut strand pelletizing systems

Wet cut:
Process Water System
Underwater Pelletizer
Underwater Pelletizing System
High-performance underwater strand pelletizing systems
Underwater pelletizing strand systems
Optimized Temperature Pelletizing

Drop pelletizing: Drop Pelletizing System
Pharma: THA for pharmaceutical products
Applications: Micro pellets

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