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    xps foam bord die
    Apart from xps foam bord die production, we are also manufacturing Polystyrene Extrusion Line,and we are continuously putting pragmatic production experiences into machine building technology. With several Patents at hand, we are able to offer you one-stop XPS plant building services. Ourgreen Economic xps foam bord die Production Line Specification The Economic xps foam bord die Production Line has the same function as all other models and it helps customers, who are tight in budget to start St
    cast film die
    The simple process of Casting film die is that the melt from the screw extruder out after the T-die into a sheet or film, and then cooled on the cooling roll forming. In these dies, all layers of PE, PP, PS, PVC, PV, ABS, PMMA, PA, PET and other melts are shaped according to the required shape until the exit of the die before merging together, Adjust separately. The die lip or die adjustment controls the total thickness of the multi-layer extrudate and the interlaminar bonding works well because
    extrusion sheet die
    The extrusion sheet die adopt coat hanger flow channel. Upper lip flexible for fine adjustment, Suitable for producing of pet sheet. Heating in different zones with stainless steel rod. Surface of extrusion sheet die flow channel is hard chrome plated, with thickness of 0.03-0.04mm, hardness 60-65 (ROCKWELL); outside die surface chrome plated thickness 0.01-0.02mm, facilitating maintenance and corrosion prevention. 1.Sheet dies without restrictor bars are used for product thickness ranges below
    PET sheet die
    batte melt pump Co.,Ltd.,a specialist manufacturer of flat extrusion dies,has engaged in the research ,development and manufacturing of extrusion plates and PET sheet die , sheet film single layer or multilayer co-extrusion die,distributors,melt pump,hydraulic screen changer and etc. With the abundant manufacturing experience and continuously technical innovation ,equipped with moderm CNC processing machines ,our company is making the products to be much better.Our products are being widely used
    pvc extrusion mould
    Name pvc extrusion mould Size Various sizes as percustomer require Mould material 3Cr17, 3Cr17MoNiV, DIN1.2316 or as per your request Mould cavity One or multi-cavity Mould composition Die head, aluminum heating panels, calibrators and water tank Feature High polished surface, stable discharging, soft-hard, surface layer, cladding Test Mould will be tested to get the satisfy sample before delivery Sample Sample will be arranged by express for customer approval Service Provide complete set of for
    volumetric and gravimetric feeders
    Volumetric feeder provides low cost and easy option in batch or continuous applications, especially when the bulk density of the fed material is consistent or when precise feed accuracy is not so important for the quality of end product. Frequently volumetric feeder is used in gain-in-weight batch application since higher accuracy can be achieved. When process requirement is more demanding, volumtric feeder with gravimetric scale and loss-in-weight control can be used. Gravimetric systems feeder
    gravimetrec feeder price
    The gravimetrec feeder is a new generation of products that integrates the steady flow of powder materials, weighing measurement and quantitative control. Applicable to the continuous measurement and batching of powder materials for various industrial production environments; Many advanced technologies are adopted, reliable operation and high control precision. It is especially suitable for continuous metering and batching of powder materials in building materials, metallurgy, electric power and
    twin screw loss in weight metering feeder
    The twin screw loss in weight metering feeder system is normally supplied with a standard Rospen metering screw feeder either single or twin screw from 12mm to 250mm dia and output range from 1.0kg/hr to, in excess of 100,000kg/hr.The selection of the correct type of feeder from our extensive range is determined primarily by the type and specification of the material to be handled. Both single and twin, screw feeders are equally as efficient, with the single screw mechanically simpler and theref
    Automatic gravimetric feeding system
    Automatic gravimetric feeding system has several features meet the requirements of modern large-scale production: 1) The principle of weight sensing part of the advanced, high precision. The general use of digital sensors, accuracy can reach one millionth. 2) high linearity of the material conveying part, the driving part can achieve high resolution. 3) Automatic gravimetric feeding system is a high degree of automation equipment. Such systems for automated production, usually with PLC control,
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