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    Gravimetric loss in weight feeders
    Gravimetric loss in weight feeders are particularly suitable for feeding poorly flowing powders and granular materials in the feeding system. This type gravimetric screw feeder is widely used for its high precision.
    Micro gravimetric feeders
    Micro gravimetric feeders can meter the materials with high accuracy. All feeding machine manufactured by Batte are continuous loss in weight feeder, which can improve the production efficiency of feeding system.
    Gravimetric dosing feeder
    Gravimetric dosing feeder is a kind of loss in weight screw feeder with the function of metering and used for feeding system and includes single screw type and double screw type, so it also called metering screw feeder.
    Single screw gravimetric feeder
    Single screw gravimetric feeder is a kind of automatic screw feeders with good properties. Loss in weight screw feeders sheet is smaller, so can guarantee the use of continuous and uniform feeding material.
    Liquid gravimetric feeder
    Liquid gravimetric feeder is a kind of liquid self metering feeder, including liquid gravimetric feeder with ±1% feeding accuracy and liquid gravimetric metering feeder with ±0.5% feeding accuracy, and is suitable for liquid materials.
    Multi-component gravimetric feeder
    Multi-component gravimetric feeder, including bi-component gravimetric feeder, is suitable for feeding multi-material at same time with one control system controls two feeders or more feeders together. It is reliable operation convenient maintenance.
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