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Continuous gravimetric feeder p

Continuous gravimetric feederprocessing is a manufacturing practice that has been used in the plastics, chemical and food industries for decades. Although primarily used for liquid processing, the innovations made in dry powder feeder technologies hav

gravimetric feeder

The gravimetric feeder demonstrated automatic calibration capabilities weight loss technique, the complete elimination of manual measurement and calibration procedures, and more powerful measure measurement capability. The gravimetric feeder assembly

Multi-component gravimetric fee

Multi-component gravimetric feeder, including bi-component gravimetric feeder, is suitable for feeding multi-material at same time with one control system controls two feeders or more feeders together. It is reliable operation convenient maintenance.

Liquid gravimetric feeder

Liquid gravimetric feeder is a kind of liquid self metering feeder, including liquid gravimetric feeder with ±1% feeding accuracy and liquid gravimetric metering feeder with ±0.5% feeding accuracy, and is suitable for liquid materials.

Single screw gravimetric feeder

Single screw gravimetric feeder is a kind of automatic screw feeders with good properties. Loss in weight screw feeders sheet is smaller, so can guarantee the use of continuous and uniform feeding material.

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