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Gravimetric screw feeders advantages

Gravimetric screw feeders advantages include stainless steel construction for superior flow characteristics, load cells 3-point design or mass counterbalanced, feed tray isolation, mass flow hopper, one moving part, etc.

Gravimetric screw feeders

Gravimetric screw feeders advantages:
Stainless Steel Construction for Superior Flow Characteristics
Load Cells 3-point Design or Mass Counterbalanced
Mass Flow Hopper: No Agitation Required, Mass flow design means, No Moving Parts!
Feed Tray Isolation: The flexible sleeve isolates the, Feed Tray from the hopper. This allows for Feed Tray oscillation and proper cross sectional shear.
One Moving Part: The drive is the only "moving" part and comes with a 3-year warranty.
Feed Tray: One-piece weldment. No bearings, No bushings, No seals, No moving parts, and Simplistic Design.

In addition to the Gravimetric screw feeders advantages, you can also get the details about dependability, maintenance, accuracy, investment, cleaning, safety, etc.

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