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single screw volumetric feeders

single screw volumetric feeder
Single screw volumetric feeder according to different materials, there are many different forms of interchangeable screw feeder mounted on a painted steel base, all the contact portion and the material is stainless steel parts, the feeder is easy disassemble and clean or replace parts. Unique patented design spherical bucket, so that the material uniformly flows into the hopper of the screw from the ball in all directions, effectively prevent the accumulation of material, while a horizontal agitation will further improve the material flow to the screw propeller, so that more accurate feed .
1. Feeding uniform, continuous good performance
2. The flow rate adjustment range, reliable operation;
3. compact, small size, easy installation and maintenance.
Selected according to the material properties of the feed screw for feeding range at both ends, it is recommended to choose the right screw after the test.

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