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Twin Screw Volumetric Feeder
Twin-screw volumetric feeder is applied to provide accurate volumetric feeding for poor flowing powder, fiber and flake materials, and stainless steel is the main material. Two types of hopper shape are available.

Twin-screw volumetric feeder

Twin Screw Volumetric Feeder hopper and screw:
There are two types of hopper shape: symmetrical and asymmetrical.
The standard construction material of hopper is SS304. SS316 and SS316L are optional to be used.
For poor flowing materials which tend towards bridging, a vertical agitator is optional to add.
For different environments, different construction materials of screw can be used. The loss in weight feeders screw materials can be SS304, SS316L, copper, carbon steel and Hartz alloy.

The most suitable screw type is determined by the characteristics of fed materials. Therefore, please provide detailed information about your material when inquiring Twin Screw Volumetric Feeder.

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