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Micro Gravimetric Feeder
Micro Gravimetric Feeder driven system is servo motor, construction material is stainless steel, hopper capacity is 20L, accuracy is±1% or ±0.5%, and the feeding materials of this type Gravimetric Feeder can be Micro pellet, powder, and fibrous material.

Micro Gravimetric Feeder

Micro Gravimetric Feeder characteristics:
Generous and beautiful appearance
Small Volume and low noise
Easy to clean and operation
The feeding equipment is easy to dismantle
A variety of feed screws allows for handing a wide range of bulk materials
Excellent control system (one control system can control multi-feeders according to clients' requirements.This won't affect the accuracy

Micro Gravimetric Feeder applications: for gravimetric feeding of free flowing to difficult powders (such as: lumpy or bridge building materials), micro pellets, and fibrous materials.

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