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    Characteristics of vacuum feeder filter
    Vacuum feeder in the previous article has made a more comprehensive introduction to you, todays small edition focuses on the vacuum feeder filter to do the relevant introduction, I hope to help you better use it. The characteristics of vacuum feeder filter are as follows: 1, choose high-quality polyester long fiber material production. Corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, smooth surface, strong strength, small resistance, large volume of filter air. 2. The folding production technology gre
    Analysis of key points for weightless feeding system
    As we all know, weightlessness feeding system is a conveying equipment for bulk materials. On the one hand, the weightlessness feeder can convey fine materials with particle size less than 5 mm, on the other hand, it can also convey bulk materials with side length more than 1 m. It has the advantages of continuous and uniform transportation, adjustability and strong adaptability. Therefore, it is widely used in the material processing production line of building materials, metallurgy, electric p
    batte Twin screw weightless feeder
    Suitable material powder, fiber and pellet (bulk density 0.7) Describes the use of spherical hopper, hopper.:40L, 1.1 KW 380V AC motor, Delta inverter speed regulation, Danbach original controller dbh-01 to ensure high feeding accuracy, standard power supply: 380V, 3-phase, 50 Hz Twin screw weightless feeder Feeding range: 40-100 L/ H Twin screw weightless feeder Feeding accuracy: + 0.5% Our company produces a variety of products, with unique advantages for you to provide twin-screw weightlessne
    the performance of vacuum feeding machines superior to traditional ones
    What are the performance of vacuum feeding machines superior to traditional ones? With the rapid development of science and technology in China, it is necessary to add raw materials to equipment in many industrial production processes. Therefore, during the feeding process, it was done manually in the past. But with the continuous development and development of feeding technology, vacuum feeder developed after the use of the domestic industrial field is the most extensive, especially in the feed
    Application of weightless feeder in plastic modification operation
    In the processing of special plastic materials, it is often necessary to mix synthetic resins and other basic materials with necessary auxiliary materials (such as mineral powder, glass fiber) and additives (such as plasticizers, flame retardants, antioxidants, nucleating agents, etc.) according to a certain proportion and enter the blending extruder. This formula mixing process is called plastic mixing (Plasticscompounding). Plastic mixing can be traced back to the birth of celluloid in 1870. S
    type side gravimetric loss in feeder system
    type side gravimetric loss in feeder system Field of application Plastic film, cable, pipe, raw material production, plastic modification, and other industries type side gravimetric loss in feeder system Application scope It is suitable for high-precision addition of accessories (such as color masterbatch, powder and additives) in product production. type side gravimetric loss in feeder system System principle Based on the principle of weightlessness, the feed screw is highly accurate to the mat
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