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The unique mechanical structure of feeding machine
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  Gravimetric feeders have been widely used in the need for automatic feeding or weighing quantitative measurement in various industrial fields, such as the petrochemical industry, chemical industry, building materials, coating, food and pharmaceutical one.

feeding machine

  Mechanical structural features

  Feeding machine usually at work, it is prone to bridging material to produce overflow phenomena in the hopper. If in each hopper have increased anti-bridging device will not only increase production costs, but also brought inconvenience to clean the hopper. To this end an asymmetric hopper system played a role in that side of the hopper is straight, the other side is tapered, so that fair or poor mobility of powder in the hopper would not have this frame Bridge problem, because the powder on the face of it is easy to fall, the powder on an inclined plane will roll in the hopper, which can ensure that the material automatically and continuously feed.

  Screw because of "enough" and cause feeding precision fluctuate. To solve this problem, there is a hemispherical design of the structure, which solves this problem. This dome design is not only no dead ends around the hopper, but also make material clamping screw. To prevent sticky powder produce sticky wall phenomenon, still within the dome structure increases the level of the agitator, which can be more effectively prevented illiquid powder bridge.

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