batte melt pump

A new high precision gravimetric feeding machine


        Danbach gravimetric feeder by silo mixing feeder, a buffer chamber, a material feeding out institutions, power and supporting mechanism, speed detection and control instruments. Material into the hopper in the warehouse Mixing Feeder "under the action of the material into the buffer chamber, due to the special indoor material processing mechanism" to make into the interior of the material can always maintain the same density and is not influenced by the effect of material in the bin by "feed a body" will be the material under the driving force uniform feeding out. By adjusting the rotational speed of the rotating mechanism, the flow can be adjusted continuously and accurately.

  Main features:

  1 .The set of "accurate feeding" and "anti arching mechanism" in one, "no flow interruption" phenomenon.

  2 .material handling all aspects of the whole seal, no dust flying phenomenon.

  3 .the output can be adjusted continuously, and there are many choices to adjust and control mode.

  4 .can handle the general powder, and can handle the adhesive material.

  5 .strong structure, low failure rate, easy to operate.

  6 according to the needs of different users, design a variety of power configuration mode and operation mode.

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