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Loss-weight feeder features and benefits

  Loss-weight feeder has the core technology and independent research and development efforts in many fields and industries have extensive experience in engineering applications, loss-weight feeder has the following unique features and benefits:

  (1) a wide range of applications, particles, powder, calcium carbonate, talc, resin powder particles, flour, starch, etc. can be used;

  (2) The original weightless feeder mechanical parts such as screw easily broken down, easy to assemble, easy to clean;

  (3) technical strength, the German original technical equipment, professional pre-service team guide;

  (4) Unloading stable performance, high precision, wide range of transmission capacity options;

  (5) 0.1% of the static accuracy of weightless feeder system; linear, repetitive dynamic accuracy of 0.3%;
gravimetric feeder

  (6) weight loss scale control instrument selection of high-precision weight scale controller RWC-800CF, with high precision, strong anti-interference, real-time and good advantages; sensors using Ronan brand high-precision sensor module, the sensor using laser welding, with precision High, the advantages of good reliability, especially suitable for harsh working conditions of the application site;

  (7) Loss-weight feeder control system flexibility: The loss of weight control system can be manual, automatic control feeding and feeding processing, manual and automatic conversion can be achieved;

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