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Micro single screw weightless feeding machine

A high-precision weightless feeding scheme designed for small spherical, granular, fluidity powder and other bulk materials. All parts of the batte weightless feeder are made of stainless steel. A unique spherical bucket and horizontal mixing design are used to fill material on the screw. The micro feeder uses DC motor to achieve more precise screw speed control and can operate at ultra-low 2-30 L/hr flow rate. High precision weighing technology Batte has brought high-precision weighing technolo

Extrusion process of hot gravimetric feeder

1) hot smelting and glue supply Before the cold feed extruder is extruded, it must be preheated before mixing and cooling. The feeding machine is called hot refining. The heating method and requirement are the same as that of the calender. The temperature and plasticity of the rubber are different according to the requirements of the formula and process, but it is the same for maintaining the uniformity and stability of the temperature and plasticity of the rubber, which is the purpose of the he

weightlessness screw feeder design specially designed for high product quality applications

The weight loss feeder needs to be selected in the case of the change in the proportion of the material accumulation or the feeding precision is very important to the quality of the final product. The weight loss feeder is divided into two kinds of batch and continuous type. It is usually used in the continuous production process, such as the need for precision control of the multi component proportion of the extrusion production. The weightlessness screw feeder produced by Carle wheat system pr

How to solve the blocking phenomenon of the gravimetric feeding machine?

The gravimetric feeding machine is blocked, flat and slanted belt deceleration in the blanking cover. Transmission chain fracture. Transmission belt fracture; error detection signal of the photoelectric tube on the feed side and out side inspection side, loose or damaged phototube connection. The position adjustment of the phototube is not in place; the bottom safety limit switch valve closes not in place or the switch contact contact is bad. All can be made. The raw material is not equal. The m

Double screw type H weight loss feeder

he H type weight lossfeeding machine adopts full closed circular table to provide double feedback and double closed loop control feeding technology for users, which eliminates the problems of PLC signal acquisition lag, slow running speed, poor anti-interference performance and so on, and increases the speed feedback, so the feeding precision and stability are higher. Products are widely used in chemical industry, engineering plastics, cables, food, medicine, building materials and other fields.

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