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weight loss type feeding machine vibration device to use

  Weighing type feeding machine should be selected according to the silo shape and material properties, select the difference of vibration feeder. After placement of the feeder should be left lateral clearance should be 20mm, suspension acceptance of flexible connection. Such as conical silo large pyramidal silo is small, the feeding machine can choose appropriate vibration force is too large.

  If the feeding machine results is not very good, optional two or a plurality of assembly, or directly to the weighing type feeding machine (silo wall vibrator) and in the bin activation is connected, in order to improve the results. Adjust the rectifier voltage rugged, feeding volume can control the electromagnetic vibration feeder. The silo wall vibration device placement as usual in silo cone height 1/4 or less than 1/4.


  If the placement of two or more weighing feeder, at the symmetry plane of the difference in height of resettlement, the motor bearing every 2 months to add a lubricating grease, high temperature season should be monthly add a lubricating oil. It is also available in the silo wall to convey the vibration force.

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