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features and working principle of feeding machine
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  Feeding machine features: stable vibration, reliable work, long service life, can adjust the excitation force can be changed at any time and flow control, convenient adjustment and stability.

Feeding machine

  The feeding machine motor as vibration source, low noise, small power consumption, good regulating function, without the phenomenon of red material. Programming simple, running reliable, adjustment convenience, Anton, light weight, small volume, protection maintenance convenience, when receiving closed planning body can guard dust pollution.

  Working principle: according to the theory of plane sound vibration synchronization, when two motors with the same viewpoint as anti tendency to self work synchronously, the inertial force of attachment tendency in the center of rotation of the motor component, equal in size, in the opposite direction of the, offset each other, and with the center connection inclination with respect to the vertical force component tend to the same, each other superposition, the feeder under the effect of the inertia force, feeding trough along the together tendency for simple harmonic vibration, then arrived to transport material is intended.

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