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How long is the service life of the quantitative packaging feeder

Air pressure is also affected by temperature and humidity. After the cylinder is affected by temperature, humidity and dust, the stroke changes slightly, and the non-standard value of the quantitative packaging scale will not be accurate. This is the need to regularly adjust the size of the air outlet and intake of pneumatic valves. It is not only a waste of time but also a huge loss of error caused by precision in the long operation process. The stability of pneumatic components is far less tha

Improving the Reliability of gravimetric Feeder from Many Aspects

But in order to make the gravimetric feeder serve production better, we need to improve the details, that is, how to improve the reliability of weightlessness scale measurement and control accuracy. To improve the reliability and control accuracy of weightlessness feeder, the following aspects should be taken into consideration: 1. Proper selection of weighing sensor range for gravimetric feeder . In some cases, the feeding amount of weightlessness feeder is very small, such as 50kg/h. At this t

Appropriate range of gravimetric feeding equipment

In the process of using gravimetric feeder , different structural units can be selected. The selection of these devices can be based on the type of materials. So the application of gravimetric feeder is more flexible. In the process of manufacturing products, stainless steel materials are also chosen. So we can ensure the stability of products and avoid materials. In the process of chemical reaction in use, the application and maintenance method of gravity water supply equipment, simple use, low

Material weightlessness feeder

Material weightlessness feeder is an important link in industrial production and trade circulation. Weighing device or weigher is an indispensable tool of weightless feeder. With the development of industrial and agricultural production and the expansion of commodity circulation, the demand for weighing instruments is increasing. The mechanical lever scales used in the past can not meet the requirements of automation and modernization of production management. Since the 1960s, due to the rapid d

Hot Feed Extrusion Process

(1) Refining and glue supply In addition to the cold feeding extruder, the mixing and parking of the cooling rubber must be preheated before extrusion. The process of feeding machine is called hot smelting. The heating method and requirement are the same as that of calendering compound. The temperature and plasticity of the compound vary according to the formulation and process requirements, but the uniformity and stability of the temperature and plasticity of the compound are the same, which is

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