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Plasticizers are added to thermoplasts or elastomers to make them more flexible, improve processability, or allow them to foamed. A distinction is also made between primary and secondary plasticizers.

What is PVC?

What is PVC? PVC is regarded as perhaps the most versatile thermoplastic resin, due to its ability to accept an extremely wide variety of additives. PVC has a unique degradation sequence and Inherent Properties.


Products used for pelletizing include dry cut, Wet cut, drop pelletizing, pharma, and other applications, such as, dry-cut strand pelletizer, underwater pelletizer, drop pelletizing system, micro pellets, etc.

Vibratory feeder Dependability and Maintenance

Vibratory feeder Dependability and Maintenance is introduced through the abrasive products, fine products, and cohesive products. This type Vibratory feeder is suitable for steel, wool, and steel fibers.

GeoMate Vibratory Feeder

GeoMate Vibratory Feeder consists of stainless steel construction for superior flow characteristics, load cells 3-point design or mass counterbalanced, feedtray isolation, mass flow hopper, feedtray, and one moving part.

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