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Application scope of gravimetric feeder

The gravimetric feeder (gravimetric feeder) consists of hopper, feeder (single and double-axis spiral feeder), weighing system and regulator. In operation, the hopper, material and feeder weigh continuously together. As the material is delivered, the actual weight loss rate is measured and compared with the required weight loss rate (set value). gravimetric feeder (weightlessness feeder) automatically corrects deviation from set point by adjusting feeder speed. Thus, the material can be fed unif

The Problem that gravimetric Feeder Can't Start with Heavy Load

For the problem that gravimetric feeder cant start with heavy load, there are three ways to solve it. First, to reduce the impact of ore on gravimetric feeder, the traditional method is to reduce the inclination of the back wall of silo through experiments according to the specific conditions of each unit, but this method will make the material slide slowly and have adverse effects on production, so as not to affect production on the one hand, and on the other hand, to reduce the impact of ore o

Leading Characteristics and Work Flow of Feeding Weighing Scale Instrument

Todays measurement and control instruments in our life or more, weightlessness scale instrument with which equipment does not have the advantages, and carbon in the ingredient control system in what application? And the composition of the feeding weightlessness scale instrument, I think you are curious about this, now lets take a look at the relevant content and introduction with the editor. Leading features: it can set common parameters in weighing process and check the variety number, actual w

single screw volumetric feeders

Single screw volumetric feeder according to different materials, there are many different forms of interchangeable screw feeder mounted on a painted steel base, all the contact portion and the material is stainless steel parts, the feeder i

Twin Screw Volumetric Feeder

Twin-screw volumetric feeder is applied to provide accurate volumetric feeding for poor flowing powder, fiber and flake materials, and stainless steel is the main material. Two types of hopper shape are available.

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