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GeoMate Vibratory Feeder

GeoMate Vibratory Feeder consists of stainless steel construction for superior flow characteristics, load cells 3-point design or mass counterbalanced, feedtray isolation, mass flow hopper, feedtray, and one moving part.

GeoMate Vibratory Feeder design, technology, and advantages:
Vibratory feeders are the engineer’s Batching Feeder of choice as they provide Pulseless Feeding and Instant Off flow control.  Batte offers a proprietary Loss-in-Weight or Gain-in-Weight vibratory feeder, the GeoMate™, for applications which meet your design requirements.

The Geomate™ is a Mass Flow Vibratory Feeding System, incorporating both a mass flow hopper and mass flow feeder. First, the hopper wall angles are designed to be steeper than the product’s wall friction characteristics thereby promoting material flow in all areas of the bin. Second, the outlet is sized larger than the product’s arching dimension, thereby preventing bridging. In addition the Geotray™ feed tray promotes mass flow by shearing the entire cross sectional outlet of the hopper. This “live bottom” action, working in unison with the MassMate™ hopper, provides a true mass flow vibratory feeding system. First in, first out, no moving parts and an industry 2-year warranty translates into the lowest operating cost in the industry.

Inherently the GeoMate Vibratory Feeder will produce a higher degree of accuracy than a conventional screw feeder and it will provide this benefit without any moving parts.

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