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Vibratory feeder Dependability and Maintenance

Vibratory feeder Dependability and Maintenance is introduced through the abrasive products, fine products, and cohesive products. This type Vibratory feeder is suitable for steel, wool, and steel fibers.

Vibratory feeder Dependability and Maintenance:
Abrasive products:

Abrasive products will abrade the screw in a screw feeder, in many cases rendering it useless in months, due to the high wear. Continuous replacements are costly ($800 to $2,000 per screw). The GeoMate™ vibratory feeder does not force material against a surface, such as a screw against the discharge tube, thereby eliminating friction and wear.

Fine products:
It is a well-known fact that fine materials, -100 to -325 mesh, will work their way past the seals, where the feed screw attaches to the drive shaft and, in time, will bind the feed screw, causing a failure of the screw feeder. Air purge systems and special seals improve this, but have not been able to eliminate it. The GeoMate™ vibratory feeder has no unions, no shafts, and no seals thereby eliminating this problem.

Cohesive products:
Finally, you will never again hear the “squeal” of a feed screw binding within the outlet tube as material builds up, heats up and hardens inside the screw feeder. This generally leads to the screw twisting itself up in the hopper leading to downtime and high replacement costs. The GeoMate™ vibratory feeder eliminates this problem.

Our patented rod tray can effectively feed steel, wool, and steel fibers.

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