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Research And Design Of Gravimetric Feeders

Research And Design Of Gravimetric Feeders
   A gravimetric feeder measures the flow's weight and adjusts the feeder output to maintain the desired set point. On the other hand, a volumetric feeders, by definition, do not measure the weight of the flow.Volumetric feeders are designed for providing constant flow of material in to process operation where material characteristics are consistent.
   volumetric feeders are inexpensive and simple but are open loop devices. They will not detect or make adjustments for changes in material density. Because they are open loop devices, volumetric feeders are also unable to measure the flow for data acquisition.r We have a full range of volumetic feeders with a number of models and different-sized hoppers to meet your specified requirements.
Gravimetric Feeders
    you must also consider what you will be feeding based on cost and concentration. If you need to feed a material in at 1% by weight a gravimetric feeder is almost always a must. Also, for expensive additives, the material saved by having a gravimetric feeder may pay for itself.

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