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You must know before buying volumetric feeders

You must know before buying volumetric feeders
Working principle
 How is running of the volumetric feeders? Materials are discharged from the system through screw rod, the system will compare the "weight loss" measured per unit time with needed feeding amount. The difference between actual material flow amount and expected amount will make the feeding controller send a correction signal. The controller can automatically adjust feeding speed by sending analog quantity signal to frequency converter or direct-current? motor controller and conduct precise feeding without delay. When the material weight in hopper reaches the lowest level, the controller will make the feeding system feed according to volume , and then the above hopper will replenish materials. After the material supplement period ended, the system will recover to loss weight calculation method automatically.
You must know before buying volumetric feeders
 Volumetric feeders are designed for providing constant flow of material in to process operation where material characteristics are consistent, particularly in density, size & moisture content. Gravimetric feeders are designed for constant flow of material, based on the weight of material for applications where material characteristics may vary.
For industry:
 gravimetric feeders for the plastic, chemical, suitable for all kinds of powder granule, pill shaped material, poor liquidity, sheet is smaller, can guarantee the use of continuous and uniform feeding material.

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