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What is a melt pump?

What is a melt pump? Melt pump is a main machine used to transport, pressurize and meter the high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt flow in industrial production.
Melt pump assisted polymer extrusion flourished in the polymer processing. What is melt pump?
Melt pump types:
Melt pump includes chemical metering pump, pressure booster pump, high temperature melt pump, high temperature gear pump, melt dosing pump, melt gear pump, high temperature melt dosing pump, and other types of melt pump. The detailed information may be useful to you are as follows:
Meter pump: The meter pump with excellent quality alloy steel guarantees stable melting pressure and flow.
The quality and capability of gear pump affect the characteristics of machines directly.
If the first gear pump operation, or long-term idle after use, preferably in small load or no-load circumstances operate for one hour.
The good performance of the melt pump for improving industrial efficiency
The melt pump is applied to all kinds of extruder, it makes the whole production line efficiency will be significantly increased, it is the main advantage of performance in any place, here is a look at it.
Melt pump types manufactured by Batte Company:
ZB-B series standard melt pump, ZB-C series reinforced melt pump, ZB-H series high temperature & high pressure melt pump, ZB-E series circular melt pump, ZB-F series melt pump for reaction kettle, ZB-K series melt pump for reaction kettle, ZB-D series pipeline pump, ZB-R series rubber melt pump, and so on.
Batte also can supply spare parts of melt pump for our customers.

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