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How to prevent the temperature of gravimetric-feeder is too

       We all know that the feeding machine of stable vibration, reliable operation, long service life, can feed continuously and evenly, the application is very wide. In we used feeding machine is the most common problem is feeding machine equipment heating phenomenon, this phenomenon is not only of the equipment are not good, but also affect the production efficiency, so we have to discover these problems and how to prevent feeder fever?

  1. If the motor or the load rotating part is unbalanced. Solution: bearings and motor surface are serious fever, vibration, running can hear the rub, rub the sound, the motor stator, the rotor phase rub, the motor need to repair in time.

  2. if the rotor phase rub. Solution: Motor ends of the bearings are heating phenomenon, vibration. If the load is the wind, the sound emitted from the wind leaves is uneven and varies with the speed.. If the bearing overheating, excessive vibration, need to remove the motor check and repair.

  3. if the two ends of the bearing assembly is not parallel. Solution: feeding machine motor bearings at both ends also fever, vibration and noise. After the shutdown, pulled by hand rotating part more difficult. Check the end cap bolts are loose, the anchor bolts are loose. After tightening, if the bearing is still serious fever, the motor must be checked and re - assembly.

  4. if ventilation is not free of the cause. Solutions: feeding machine bearing heating, but vibration and noise are no exception, check the ends of motor, there is no obstacles impeding the ventilation.

  5. if the bearing leakage serious. Solution: first filling butter basically in the 2/3 cavity, running 10 hours after the 4 bearing a bit plus a gun butter. Require the user after the temperature control, can not add too much butter, must be added, frequently added.

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