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How to Eliminate Common Faults of Storage gravimetric Feeder

  (I) analysis and troubleshooting of the bottom belt immobility after the motor of the storage gravimetric feeder is started

  The main reasons for the inactivation of the bottom belt of the storage feeder motor after starting may be the damage of the motor reducer, the breakage of the transmission chain, the breakage of the transmission shaft head, or the wear and tear of the active and passive sprocket keys. These problems can be checked one by one and replaced or eliminated.

  (2) Analysis and troubleshooting of blocking in hoisting belt of storage gravimetric feeder

  The blockage of hoisting belt of storage gravimetric feeder results in the jamming of hoisting belt or the trip of motor. The blockage of hoisting belt is mainly caused by the following circumstances:

  1) The material level of photoelectric tube with bottom belt feeding is not adjusted properly. Too much bottom belt feeding causes material to accumulate at the entrance of lifting belt.

  2) The height of the hoisting belt equalizing roll is not proper and the height is not enough, and the material from the bottom belt is not delivered in time.

  3) The lifting belt does not match the position adjustment of the photoelectric tube controlled by the speed and material level of the bottom belt, so that the material is piled up at the entrance of the lifting belt and the lifting belt is stuck.

  4) The size of the lifting belt outlet is not adjusted properly, and the material is blocked at the outlet.

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