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Six-point Storage and Storage Method of Belt Feeder

  Nowadays, there are many feeders on the market, such as vibration feeder and belt feeder, etc. Different feeders have different characteristics. For example, belt feeder, it is mainly a kind of Mounter equipment, the work efficiency is very high, but it is vulnerable to damage, so we should pay great attention to its storage.

  1. When the belt feeder is in storage, it is necessary to use the feeder placement table instead of stacking. In the state of stacking, the parts of the belt feeder may be damaged and deformed.

  2. No overlapping storage, do not store in hot and humid places (avoid places above 40 degrees Celsius or humid places). Rust or condensation may cause abnormal driving parts and circuits.

  3. It is forbidden to store oil and organic solutes in places.

  The performance of belt feeder is not only degraded when it is stored in the place where oil and organic solute are stored.

  Moreover, the adhesion of roll components to oil and organic solvents results in damage of roll components or poor quality of PCB finished products.

  4. No collision.

  Please note that collisions occur between belt feeders or with other objects. Damages that are not visible to the naked eye may occur, leading to a decline in function and performance.

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