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How long is the service life of the quantitative packaging feeder

  Air pressure is also affected by temperature and humidity. After the cylinder is affected by temperature, humidity and dust, the stroke changes slightly, and the non-standard value of the quantitative packaging scale will not be accurate. This is the need to regularly adjust the size of the air outlet and intake of pneumatic valves. It is not only a waste of time but also a huge loss of error caused by precision in the long operation process.

  The stability of pneumatic components is far less than that of electric components. Now the most stable mode of mainstream electric drive is motor drive mode. A few manufacturers also use so-called electric cylinder drive. Actually, the electric cylinder is a device of hydraulic transmission, and its speed and durability are far inferior to that of motor drive. The brand electric packaging scale uses five 60W instrument motors to drive mechanical transmission. This technology is applied for national patent, and counterfeiting must be investigated. The structure design is ingenious, the quantitative packaging speed is fast, and it is not affected by temperature, humidity and dust. It can be used normally in any area. Especially in low temperature environment, high humidity environment and high dust environment, mechanical action is not affected at all.

  The slogan of the electric packaging scale is to keep it for 15 years, so it is very careful in the use of materials. The whole fuselage is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate, CNC combined punch, laser cutting and blanking, and automatic welding. In order to prolong service life, high standard solid-state relay is used for motor drive of electric packaging scale. Solid-state relay has no node and no loss, which can make the equipment use longer.

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