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Improving the Reliability of gravimetric Feeder from Many Aspects

  But in order to make the gravimetric feeder serve production better, we need to improve the details, that is, how to improve the reliability of weightlessness scale measurement and control accuracy. To improve the reliability and control accuracy of weightlessness feeder, the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

  1. Proper selection of weighing sensor range for gravimetric feeder. In some cases, the feeding amount of weightlessness feeder is very small, such as 50kg/h. At this time, the sensor needs to have higher sensitivity. If the selected sensor range is too large, the sensor is insensitive to the change of weight, and the measurement error or even the flow display is zero is inevitable.

  2. Keep away from the place where there are vibration sources as far as possible. It is self-evident that the impact of symmetrical gravity of vibration, especially irregular vibration sources, should be installed in the place far from the vibration sources if conditions permit.

  3. In the process of feeding, it is often necessary to adjust the feeding amount and adjust the larger situation to adopt two-way PID control, one way of rough adjustment of PID, so that the feeding amount can quickly reach the set value, and then another way of fine adjustment of PID, so that the feeding amount can be stabilized near the set value.

  4. The scale body of belt feeder should be cleaned regularly to prevent the change of zero point of weightlessness feeder caused by ash accumulation.

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