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Material weightlessness feeder

Material weightlessness feeder is an important link in industrial production and trade circulation. Weighing device or weigher is an indispensable tool of weightless feeder. With the development of industrial and agricultural production and the expansion of commodity circulation, the demand for weighing instruments is increasing. The mechanical lever scales used in the past can not meet the requirements of automation and modernization of production management. Since the 1960s, due to the rapid development of sensor technology and electronic technology, automatic weighing machine technology has become more and more mature, and gradually replaced the mechanical scale. Especially in the early 1970s, the emergence of microprocessors made the electronic weighing technology further developed. Fast, accurate, easy to operate, eliminating human errors, functional diversity and other aspects have become the main characteristics of modern weighing technology. Weighing device is not only a single instrument providing weight data, but also a part of industrial control system and commercial management system. It promotes the modernization of automation and management of industrial production. It can shorten operation time, improve operation conditions, reduce the consumption of energy and materials, improve product quality, strengthen enterprise management and improve management. Effect. Weighing device has been applied in various fields of national economy, and remarkable economic benefits have been achieved.

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