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Application scope of gravimetric feeder

The gravimetric feeder (gravimetric feeder) consists of hopper, feeder (single and double-axis spiral feeder), weighing system and regulator. In operation, the hopper, material and feeder weigh continuously together. As the material is delivered, the actual weight loss rate is measured and compared with the required weight loss rate (set value). gravimetric feeder (weightlessness feeder) automatically corrects deviation from set point by adjusting feeder speed. Thus, the material can be fed uniformly and accurately.

The suitable range of gravimetric feeder includes plastic granules, powder, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, resin film powder, flour, starch and so on. For different raw materials, we designed two different scales, namely powder scale (which solved the problem of feeding measurement and feeding with poor fluidity), granular scale (which solved any possible bridge problem). It solves the problems in the existing production process very well.

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