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Leading Characteristics and Work Flow of Feeding Weighing Scale Instrument

Today's measurement and control instruments in our life or more, weightlessness scale instrument with which equipment does not have the advantages, and carbon in the ingredient control system in what application? And the composition of the feeding weightlessness scale instrument, I think you are curious about this, now let's take a look at the relevant content and introduction with the editor.

Leading features: it can set common parameters in weighing process and check the variety number, actual weight of the first scale and various accumulations; it has control functions of feeding, second or third level feeding, bag clamping, bag patting and batch setting; spare outlet can optionally select various output functions; it can store reliable parameters after debugging and restore switch input of 26 routes; Output and one analog output, communication can choose RS232 or RS485 output; 6. Weighing scale instrument communication adopts international conventional MODBUS protocol, which can easily connect with touch screen, PLC, PC and large screen.

Carbon batching control system is used for continuous transportation, dynamic measurement and automatic batching of powdery and granular materials such as carbon, refractory, cement, fly ash and feed. According to the production process requirements, the material loaded into the automatic trolley is weighed and flow controlled by the upper monitoring system and PLC, so as to achieve accurate measurement and burden.

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