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    Micro gravimetric feeders
    Micro gravimetric feeders can meter the materials with high accuracy. All feeding machine manufactured by Batte are continuous loss in weight feeder, which can improve the production efficiency of feeding system.
    Gravimetric loss in weight feeders
    Gravimetric loss in weight feeders are particularly suitable for feeding poorly flowing powders and granular materials in the feeding system. This type gravimetric screw feeder is widely used for its high precision.
    batte twin screw loss in weight metering feeder
    The batte twin screw loss in weight metering feeder ingredient system is a real-time online dynamic compounding system. Its accurate feeding and evenness can not only greatly improve the consistency of product quality, but also reduce the production of waste products and wastes. It is suitable for pellets, powder and glass Fiber, irregular materials and various additives, widely used in plastic processing (such as plastic extrusion, chemical fiber processing) in the precise ingredients, the accu
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