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Control of automatic gravimetric feeding machine

Control of automatic gravimetric feeding machine In the production of chemical fiber, it is often required to put solid powdered raw materials into the process equipment with a constant basin. If the feeding is carried out intermittently (for example, the dissolution of PVA in the production of vinylon, the dissolution of nylon in the polyamide production, etc.), the quantitative feeding is carried out automatically or manually with the aid of a weighing scale, if the feeding is carried out cont

Spiral weighing feeder system

The spiral weighing feeder system is mainly composed of steady flow feeding spiral, weighing bridge, deceleration motor, weighing sensor, speed sensor, weighing control instrument and electronic control system. The weighing bridge is leveraged, its lever supports ear axis, not affected by corrosion and external factors on measurement precision; velocity sensor is placed in helix. Drive end. Working principle The spiral weighing feeder is used for the quantitative feeding of the bulk material, th

High Precision Gravimetric Powder Dosing Feeder

High Precision Gravimetric Powder Dosing Feeder Application: Production of raw materials/ plastic modification/ chemicals plastic films/ cables/ pipes Gravimetric Powder Dosing Feeder Technical features: 1 Unique design 2 Servo control and screw feeding adopted 3 Anti-brige structure 4 Automatic feeding for material. 5 System feeding/dosiing precision:+/- 0.5% The system is installed on an extruder to measure and calculate the weight per meter and extrusion output, and also make automatic contro

Control system of gravimetric weightless feeder

The gravimetric weightless feeder is a device for gravimetric weightlessness control system, providing automatic or single layer or multi-layer co extrusion process for plastic film, sheet, pipe and cable. The independent structural design enables it to be installed directly on the traditional feeding port, and it provides a series of different operating methods that users can choose according to their preferences or individual programs. The system can guarantee the linear extrusion without larg

Factors affecting the performance of gravity feeder

1. Vibration: Vibration is very detrimental to the operation of the gravimetricsystem because of the sensitivity of the gravity feeder scale. Special precautions must be taken to eliminate the vibration of the scale. It is feasible to use the paving board of isolation support weighing system, strengthen the paving board around weighing equipment to minimize the bending of the paving plate, and install weighing equipment on the base(i.e. concrete block), vibration Isolator or structural component

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