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Spiral weighing feeder system
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The spiral weighing feeder system is mainly composed of steady flow feeding spiral, weighing bridge, deceleration motor, weighing sensor, speed sensor, weighing control instrument and electronic control system. The weighing bridge is leveraged, its lever supports ear axis, not affected by corrosion and external factors on measurement precision; velocity sensor is placed in helix. Drive end.

Working principle

The spiral weighing feeder is used for the quantitative feeding of the bulk material, the feeding process is spiral continuous feeding, the feeder will be transported from the user to the silo or other feeding equipment in the future, and the weight test is carried out through the weighing bridge. At the same time, the speed sensing helix is installed at the end to detect the speed; the test is detected. The weight signal and the speed signal are sent together to the weighing controller for the calculus processing and display the instantaneous flow per hour per ton and the tiring measurement with tons as a unit.

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