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Control system of gravimetric weightless feeder
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The gravimetric weightless feeder is a device for gravimetric weightlessness control system, providing automatic or single layer or multi-layer co extrusion process for plastic film, sheet, pipe and cable. The independent structural design enables it to be installed directly on the traditional feeding port, and it provides a series of different operating methods that users can choose according to their preferences or individual programs.

The system can guarantee the linear extrusion without large deviations, compensate for the blockage of the filter, the difference of melting temperature, the difference of the viscosity of the polymer and the density of the accumulation, and so on because of the instability of the machine.

Batte gravimetric weightless feeder system can operate automatically through remote terminal. The display can display all program data, and the special area on the touchscreen motherboard enables operators to control each independent part or control the whole device.

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