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Factors affecting the performance of gravity feeder
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1. Vibration: Vibration is very detrimental to the operation of the gravimetric system because of the sensitivity of the gravity feeder scale. Special precautions must be taken to eliminate the vibration of the scale. It is feasible to use the paving board of isolation support weighing system, strengthen the paving board around weighing equipment to minimize the bending of the paving plate, and install weighing equipment on the base(i.e. concrete block), vibration Isolator or structural component.

2.Heating / Air/Ventilation Pipe: Air disturbance caused by heating, air conditioning and ventilation pipes may translate into the wrong gravimetric feeder scale moving or changing the weight of the scale. These pipelines may need to be repositioned away from gravity measurement systems, especially those with small weighing sensors for accurate measurements.

3. Open doors and Windows: In the same way as ventilation ducts, open doors and Windows create air disturbances that affect gravity measurement systems. Therefore, the use of gravity weighing system needs to ensure that doors and Windows, especially external doors and Windows close.

4. Environmental temperature: due to the temperature compensation of the weighing sensor, the air temperature at the place where the gravity system(scale, controller and feeder) is placed can not exceed the temperature limit set by the scale system.

5. Hazardous areas: Consideration must be given to the classification and type of hazardous areas. These areas usually require inherent barriers within the feeding system, which will reduce the original signal of the weighing sensor because of the voltage drop across the barrier.

6. distance between feeder and controller: if this distance is greater than 7.62 M, contact manufacturer for advice on wiring.

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