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Influencing Factors on the Properties of gravimetric feeder
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1. Free flow: Plastic particles are generally free flow materials and are normally fed under gravity without special design or additional flow enhancement.

2. Adhesives: Some materials like to adhere to other substances, in which pigments are known to adhere to almost all types of contact surfaces. In order to prevent the accumulation of these materials on screw and pipe, it is necessary to clean them regularly. Avoid feeding machines with internal mixing systems when pigments exist. In addition, different coatings(such as fluoropolymers or better contact services) may need to be considered, or self-cleaning of the inside of the system feeding tubes should be carried out.

3. Adherence: Some materials of Gravimetric Feeder are easily built up like snowballs and require flow AIDS, such as internal stirring, air sweeping, or moving and external vibration through the air cushion to break the mass. In this case, the cross line at the end of the feeding pipe can help the material get into the screw thread better.

4. inflatable / impregnable: when inflatable, materials with these characteristics perform as well as fluids, and these materials of Gravimetric Feeder are liable to exit the feed screw if the screw is not properly designed. Therefore, such materials often require a feeding screw with a central rod. The application engineer suggested that, in the use of such materials, several smaller supplements(refill), rather than a larger supplement, could be made(thus the operation would often inflate the material in the feeder to cause its outflow).

5. Gravimetric Feeder Pressure sensitivity: In a large-capacity lengthening Hopper, these materials are easy to stack, and a smaller complement will achieve a better result. In addition, if a feeder is used to stir the elastic wall Hopper through an external blade, it is necessary to pay close attention to the frequency level of the blade Hopper, since higher frequency stirring or vibration often leads to the material being stacked.

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