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batte gravimetric feeder process

Batte gravimetric feeder process is: using a special oscillating motor or two motor shakers to drive the feed chute to complete the periodic linear reciprocating oscillation in the skew direction. During the operation of the equipment, the material in the tank is thrown up and jumps forward in a straight line direction. The throw and drop end in an instant. This action is repeated at high speeds uninterruptedly to reach the intention of feeding.

1: When the gravimetric feeder is used for batching and quantitative feeding, in order to ensure the uniform and stable feeding, avoid horizontal flow of the material, such as the usual material feeding, can be tilted 10°. With regard to viscous materials and materials with large water content, they can be tilted down to 15°.

2: The loss in weight feeding machine behind the equipment should leave a 20mm moving gap, the horizontal should be horizontal, and the suspension equipment should be flexible.

3: before the empty test, all bolts should be consolidated once, in particular, the motor's anchor bolts, and should be fastened from the head for 3-5 hours.

4: During the test run, the two motors need to rotate in reverse.

5: In the process of gravimetric feeder, you should always check the amplitude, current and noise stability. If you find any abnormality, you should park it in time.

6: The motor bearing is filled with lubricant once every 2 months, and the lubricant should be added once a month during the high temperature season.

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