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Extrusion T-die

Professional Manufacturer Plastic Profiles Extrusion T Die

Non-slip, dustproof

Extrusion T Die Product details


Material 45#,P20,45Cr...
Mould structure Coat hanger
Surface treatment Mirror Polishing, electroplating
Plating thickness 0.03-0.04mm
Applicable scope floor mat
Temperature control heater
Heating Voltage 220V
Bolts 12.9 grades
Quality system ISO9001:2008, SGS
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Extrusion T Die Features:

The product features:

1. High grade PVC raw material, free of formaldehyde, eco-friendly, healthy.

2. Extremely comfortable for standing or walking.

3. Anti-slip ensures minimal movement of door mats and safety.

4. Dirt-proof, dust-removal, water-proof, easy maintenance.

5. Wear resistant and Long-lasting durability.

6. S-pattern at the end of design for water in the sand dust off the bottom easy to clean.

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