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What is the reason for the punching of gravimetric feeder

Feeder is an ideal feeding equipment for non-drilling coarse powder and coarse material. Feeder has the characteristics of good dust-proof, uniform flow and large feeding. However, due to various reasons, the powder will rush to the outlet (eyedrops) and submerge the feeding place in a very short time, resulting in two serious consequences of the abnormal feeding.

(1) Cause analysis

The reasons leading to the punching of gravimetric feeder are as follows:

The abrasion of the helical blade and the drawing tube causes the gap between them to be too large. The powder flows from the bottom gap to the outlet.

(2) The warehouse pressure is higher than that of A. The powder rushes to the outlet along the spiral direction of the rotary blade, which makes the feeder submerged at the feeding place.

(3) The gasified material gushes out from the silo and rushes directly to the feeding place.

2) Treatment

For the long single-tube spiral gravimetric feeder, the increasing pitch can be adopted to prevent the overload caused by the submergence of the feeder at the feeding place and the outflow of the material from the silo after gasification.

(2) Controlling the gap between the blade and the pipe wall within 2 mm on one side, restraining the material flow from the bottom gap to the outlet as far as possible.

(3) To reduce the pressure difference between inside and outside, the variable pitch design of the screw shaft can be adopted, that is, the pitch of the inlet and outlet blades is larger than that of the outlet blades, so that the material can be tightened more and more.

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