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How to use gravimetric feeder correctly
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How to use gravimetric feeder correctly? There are three main points for attention:

1. When the gravimetric feeder starts, it can't put anything on it, because it will burn the motor because of the excessive pressure that the motor bears, so we must check to see if there is anything on it every time we start the weightless feeder. If there is one, it must be cleaned up in time, and then start the machine.

2. Some powder materials will accumulate a large amount of dust in the control box of gravimetric feeder. In the long run, it will cause short circuit in the internal circuit and damage electrical appliances and other components. Therefore, dust in the control box should be cleaned up at intervals.

3. The main power of the gravimetric feeder is the motor. The speed of the motor is very high, so the deceleration motor should be used to decelerate the transmission power. In the ordinary application, we must remember to check whether the motor and speed-reducing motor are abnormal. And it needs to be maintained at intervals, adding gear oil to the gears of the reducer.

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