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Characteristics of vacuum feeder filter
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Vacuum feeder in the previous article has made a more comprehensive introduction to you, today's small edition focuses on the vacuum feeder filter to do the relevant introduction, I hope to help you better use it.

The characteristics of vacuum feeder filter are as follows:

1, choose high-quality polyester long fiber material production. Corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, smooth surface, strong strength, small resistance, large volume of filter air.

2. The folding production technology greatly enlarges the area of air filtration and the air permeability, at the same time, it has the characteristics of low wind resistance and high filtration precision.

3. The microporous membrane with three-dimensional network structure made by special technology has small pore size, high porosity, smooth surface, waterproof, good oil-proof performance, low friction coefficient, good non-stickiness, chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature and no static electricity.

4. Pulse back-blowing cleaning is easy, and the composite filtering effect makes the pulse back-blowing cleaning complete in an instant and improves the filtering efficiency. It can be repeatedly washed with water and can be recycled, saving energy and long service life.

5, filtering accuracy can reach 0.1um, easy to handle tiny dust particles. Eliminate the leakage of precious metals and powders thoroughly.

6. High-quality electrochemical plates are used in the end cover and inside and outside protective mesh of the filter cartridge. Closed-hole rubber sealing rings with good elasticity, high strength and anti-aging are used to ensure the airtightness of the filter cartridge. It not only has good strength, but also has better antirust and anticorrosive properties.

These are the basic characteristics of the vacuum feeder, these characteristics also determine its specific application in production and related role, which can also help us more scientific production.

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