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Analysis of key points for weightless feeding system
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As we all know, weightlessness feeding system is a conveying equipment for bulk materials. On the one hand, the weightlessness feeder can convey fine materials with particle size less than 5 mm, on the other hand, it can also convey bulk materials with side length more than 1 m. It has the advantages of continuous and uniform transportation, adjustability and strong adaptability. Therefore, it is widely used in the material processing production line of building materials, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical foundry and other industries. In cement industry, it is used for the transportation of massive limestone or gypsum from the bottom of the ore bin to the crusher, playing a continuous role. Uniform feeding can greatly improve work efficiency.

There are three ways to solve the problem that weightlessness feeder can not start with heavy load. Firstly, to reduce the impact of ore on weightlessness feeder. The traditional way is to reduce the inclination of back wall of silo by experiment according to the specific conditions of each unit. But this method will make the material sliding slowly and produce disadvantage to production. In order not to affect the production on the one hand, on the other hand to solve the impact problem, can be fed into the silo ore size limits, such as must be less than 800mm, the rear of the weight-loss feeder thickness also has certain requirements, such as must be more than 1 meter; second, can also be enhanced by weight-loss feeder The anti-impact ability can be improved by strengthening the supporting beam at the rear of the weightlessness feeder and the anti-impact ability of the rear sliding rail of the weightlessness feeder. Thirdly, the starting ability of the main motor of the weightlessness feeder can be improved by checking the starting ability of the main motor. The main reason of heavy load starting is that the starting torque of the main motor of the weightless feeder does not match the load torque. Therefore, the main motor of the weightlessness feeder is replaced, and the main motor of the weightlessness feeder can be selected, which is economical and can meet the requirements of heavy load starting.

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