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type side gravimetric loss in feeder system
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type side gravimetric loss in feeder system Field of application

Plastic film, cable, pipe, raw material production, plastic modification, and other industries

type side gravimetric loss in feeder system Application scope

It is suitable for high-precision addition of accessories (such as color masterbatch, powder and additives) in product production.

type side gravimetric loss in feeder system System principle

Based on the principle of weightlessness, the feed screw is highly accurate to the material according to the set value. When the configuration is carried out, the dynamic changes of the main material and the feed ratio are fed.

The system is driven by a servo motor and controlled by a closed loop. The feeding accuracy of materials with various properties is improved by using a dynamic error correction algorithm. It can be conveniently installed on a standard adapter.

type side gravimetric loss in feeder systemFunctional characteristics

1, high precision weight loss metering system

2. Close loop control of servo system, fast reaction speed

3. Screw feed

4. Applicable to different types of materials

5, adaptive proportion control, automatic correction of feeding error, precision error is less than 0.5%

6, low level hardware and software control, more reliable operation

7. The standard adapters can be selected

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