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An indispensable tool weight loss feeder
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In the processing of plastic special material, it is often necessary to mix the base material such as synthetic resin with the necessary auxiliary materials and additives according to a certain proportion and enter the mixing type extruder. This mixing process is called plastic mixing. Plastic mixing can be traced back to the birth of celluloid in 1870. Since then, with the development of plastic coloring, blending, filling, reinforcing and other modification technology, a variety of general plastics and engineering plastics blending technology has been improved.

The weight loss feeder is the core component of electronic weighing, which converts gravity into electrical signals. There are many kinds of weightless feeders in principle, including resistance strain, piezomagnetic, capacitive, vibrating string, inductor, nuclear radiation, etc. but from the aspects of accuracy, repeatability, economy and convenience, a lot of production still is a resistance strain sensor. It accounts for more than 90% of the weight loss feeder. The resistance strain sensor has been improved in performance in recent years. With the development of industrial control system to digitalization, the digital weightless feeder has been developed and applied in recent years. By doing so, it directly outputs digital quantity, greatly improves the anti-interference ability in transmission, and makes communication with computer very convenient. Due to the cancellation of analog amplification and A/D conversion in the instrument, the instrument can be greatly simplified in the display and control of the computer, and the weighing instrument can be used. At present, there are two kinds of sensors: resistance strain digital weightlessness feeder and new digital weight loss feeder.

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