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weightlessness screw feeder design specially designed for high product quality applications
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The weight loss feeder needs to be selected in the case of the change in the proportion of the material accumulation or the feeding precision is very important to the quality of the final product. The weight loss feeder is divided into two kinds of batch and continuous type. It is usually used in the continuous production process, such as the need for precision control of the multi component proportion of the extrusion production.

The weightlessness screw feeder produced by Carle wheat system provides users with a high precision and reliable feed solution. The single screw weightless feeder is the best choice for the material with good fluidity, and the twin screw weightless feeder is the best choice for the poor fluidity and hard feed solid material. The feeding range of the weightlessness screw feeder is up to 5-8000 L/hr. It has many different models and different sizes of hopper for you to choose.

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