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How to solve the blocking phenomenon of the gravimetric feeding machine?
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The gravimetric feeding machine is blocked, flat and slanted belt deceleration in the blanking cover. Transmission chain fracture. Transmission belt fracture; error detection signal of the photoelectric tube on the feed side and out side inspection side, loose or damaged phototube connection. The position adjustment of the phototube is not in place; the bottom safety limit switch valve closes not in place or the switch contact contact is bad. All can be made. The raw material is not equal. The material is blocked.

1. electronic weigher gauge block plug

It is difficult for materials to be discharged and difficult to be discharged due to the fact that the material is not stored in the metering tube and the material is transported too long. The photoelectric tubes of high and low positions are arranged in a straight direction. The upper part is called a high photoelectric bone, and the lower part is a low phototube.

2. feed cover and feed side block

During the gravimetric feeding operation, pay attention to the operation of the Laos. It is found that the blanking mouth is obstructed and should be stopped immediately. Following the unstable fluctuation of the electronic scale and the non flow signal, it is possible to determine the feeding failure of the feeder system, which is caused by the adjustment of the photoelectric switch and the unfit of the rake roller continents.

3. the operation of the synchronous mechanical transmission system or the electric DC speed control board of the electronic scale and feeder is running failure, causing the gravimetric feeder to be blocked without synchronization.

Blockage exclusion

1) check the picture of the phototube. Adjust the position of the phototube, adjust the gap between the rake roll and the lifting belt, and control the height of the feed when the production line is guaranteed.

2) repair the mechanical transmission system or the failure parts of the electric speed regulating board, and make the feeder and the electronic scale run 6 steps.

3) open the overhaul observation window to check whether the blanking material is in line with Yang. Check whether the connection between the blanking port and the meter tube is reasonable, and whether the design angle of the inclined plane of the hopper is correct.

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